This is not a comprehensive list of resources and presentations on genetic genealogy, but it's a good list for people who aren't sure where to start: I'll revisit this post and update it from time to time. 

Using DNA to find ancestors lost to slavery:

DNA testing for genealogy - the basics:

yDNA presentation: (forthcoming)

Working with yDNA (post by Roberta Estes): Definitions (Genetic Genealogy Glossary): 

Other links:

Basics of Genetic Genealogy: 

Next Steps for DNA (Understand relationships (like those pesky removed relationships!) & Counting Cousins (identifying which kinds of DNA cousins can help you)): 

Finding unknown ancestors through DNA: 

Series (some of the above 3 video links & several others through roots tech) How to use DNA in genealogy: 

DNA Kindergarten (4 part series abt 35 mins each):

Part 1 - Basics: 

Part 2 - Ethnicity: 

Part 3 - Using your DNA: 

Part 4 - Interpreting shared matches: 

Getting started with DNA Painter (creating an account & what tools are available at the DNA painter site): 

Finding elusive Distant African Cousins using DNA: