DNA Download help - and reasons why you should download

Do you want to download your DNA from ancestry or 23andme? 

But don't know how or even the reasons why you should download?

I'm available to answer questions and/or help you through the steps (see 3 days and times I’ve scheduled below and here at this link here: www.lu.ma/dnahelp ).

Why download your DNA?

  1. Add the digital zipped file to the other files you'll leave to your children.
  2. It’s yours and you paid to receive it. If you get locked out of your account or lose access to the email associated with the account, you’ll still have your raw DNA file.
  3. In 2014 ancestry retired older DNA testing service they were doing. They gave customers a chance to download their DNA and another company stepped in to accept uploads. It’s unlikely they will be retiring the wildly successful autosomal tests, but it’s best to be prepared for anything.

Why upload it to other sites?

  1. Find all your matches, since many only tested on other sites (free)
  2. MyHeritage's auto clustering tool (free) see a screenshot of an auto cluster report below.
  3. Chromosome browser, a must-have.
  4. The ability to see shared segments of DNA
  5. Use tools to identify yDNA haplogroups of male test-takers (free)
  6. MyHeritage & FamilyTreeDNA both ship to more countries than the other two major DNA testing companies. You may be missing out on matches with people from other parts of the world!

Out of 195 countries in the world, these are the numbers where each major DNA company (for atDNA) ships to:

  • FamilyTreeDNA - 193, all but 2: Iran & Sudan
  • MyHeritage - 186, all but 9: Israel, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea, Lebanon, Russia, Syria
  • 23andMe - Only ships to 54 out of 195
  • AncestryDNA - Only ships to 35 out of 195

I'll be on my zoom line and ready to help or answer questions at the following dates and times:

                Sun 3/6 2-4p CT | Mon3/7 4-6pCT | Tue 3/8 6-8p CT

You can register for access to the zoom session here: www.lu.ma/dnahelp

Feel free to share with others!

The screenshot (below) of the auto cluster report doesn't do it justice. It's a report that gets generated and sent to you via email (after simply clicking a button). Once you download and open the file, it opens in your browser. You can hover over the names for more information. You can click the names to go to that match on your match list. At the bottom of the page are fields to filter and navigate through.

The first cluster listed for me is all of my Morrison & Robinson cousins clustered tightly together. I recognize another cluster about 4 or 5 down that has descendants of an enslaved ancestor of mine who was fathered by an enslaver. I have both Caucasian and Black matches in that cluster. There are 2 or 3 other clusters that are there that (if I had any time to spare) will likely lead to me breaking down another brick wall.

There are plenty of blog posts and videos on how to work with your cluster reports. This report is a breeze to work with.